“Don’t worry about hard times because some of the most beautiful things we have in life come from changes and mistakes.”
Mini-ME :)

Mini-ME :)

Defying Gravity - Idina Menzel
All of me - Glee
Brave - Sarah Barilles
The Scientist - Cold Play

working buddies :)

working buddies :)

I miss this one. Hindi kami halatang haggrad at di halatang katatapos lang ng shift. :) Credits to kuya popoy for this!

sitel aftershift

- started my monday with with terrible headache.
- as days go by many sales are my reward :)
- should focus on my MSAT
- donuts week
-checked my sched and I have many plotted OT’s again.
-“SAHOD DAY” - I was so surprised about my sahod really did not expect that.
- Bill back incentive, my OT efforts paid off, and I love my salary
- Hoping the best on next pay off on 28 so I’m happy I still have plotted OT’s